What's Best For Your Health

With the help of a well trained and experienced Massage Therapist, it can be determined what treatments are right for your optimum health. Tranquil Touch is distinguished by the care and attention invested in custom-tailored programs for  clients, whether it be keeping office related injuries at bay, relieving fibromyalgia symptoms, maintaining a body fit for active sports or melting your stress away. How can we help you to be your healthiest?

Specialties and Modalities


Massage therapy: Total body relaxation... and much more!


Massage is one of humanity's oldest forms of therapy, and it helps prevent a wide variety of ailments.


Additional services we provide:

  • Swedish Massage Therapy- Great for circulation, fluid retention and lymph drainage.
  • Sports Massage Therapy- Stay on top of your game and heal from old injuries and prevent new ones.
  • Prenatal Massage- Rid your body of the aches, pains, discomfort and swelling of being pregnant.
  • Deep Tissue Massage- Strong and effective relief for very tight muscles and stubborn muscle knots that just won't seem to go away.
  • Thai Massage Therapy- Trained in Traditional Thai Massage from the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai Thailand, Sonora has been taught by the masters of Northern Thailand the healing power of this ancient and very effective massage. 
  • Foot Reflexology- Trained in Thai Reflexology from the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • Hot steam and mud facial treatments
  • Arbonne RE9 Anti-Aging Treatments- Top of the Line Pure Swiss Skin Care
  • Chinese Ear Candling- Safely and effectively remove build-up in your ears that may lead to infection, temporary hearing loss and dizziness.


Questions About Our Treatments?

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